About History/Herstory

History/Herstory is a blog I started as a high school junior to explore history on the day that it happened. I feel like learning about history in this way gives new meaning to historical events.

I try to keep my posts varied by changing up the time period, geographic location, and topic. And while I created this blog with the intention of learning new things, I try not to write about things I have no idea about to avoid misconstruing the facts.

Thanks for stopping by and happy learning!



2 thoughts on “About History/Herstory

  1. Genuinely interesting blog! I too am a high school student desperate I would say about history, the main theme on my blog. However I was completely unable to stick to one theme, and jumped from history to art, literature or whatever happened to go through my mind.
    So congratulations for staying on topic, you have done a marvelous job! Looking forward to read more of your posts!

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