Alfred Wegener Presents Theory of Continental Drift, 1912

Ever notice how the continents fit together like a jigsaw puzzle?

Well, Alfred Wegener did.

Enter the “continental drift.”

Antonio Snider-Pellegrini's Illustration of th...

The continental drift theory argues that all of the continents were once connected in a single landmass, Pangaea, and drifted apart over millions of years. Although popularly accepted today, at the time, his theory was met with skepticism.

Chester R. Longwell published Some Thoughts on the Evidence for Continental Drift in 1944 to suggest that scientists should be more open-minded concerning Wegener’s theory.

The Wegener hypothesis has been so stimulating and has such fundamental implications in geology as to merit respectful and sympathetic interest from every geologist. Some striking arguments in his favor have been advanced, and it would be foolhardy indeed to reject any concept that offers a possible key to the solution of profound problems in the Earth’s history.

The plate tectonics theory of the 50s supported Wegener’s theory and is widely accepted today. Thanks Wegener!


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